Thank you for interest to volunteer for our research. The following pilot studies are open. You are welcome to sign up for more than one study.

African American Women’s Interest in Health Disparities Research, Study 3

This pilot study is the third study in the program of research title “African American Women’s Interest in Health Disparities Research”. This study will demonstrate that we can recruit African American women into biomedical research that includes an online health survey, clinical visit, and medical record review of  women ages 18-80, live in Columbus/Franklin County, Ohio and have and no have history of cardiovascular disease.

Cardiovascular Health Among Pre-School Caregivers

This is a pilot to understand how lifestyle conditions of female caregivers (mothers/guardians and staff) that can affect them positively, giving them resilience and/or conditions that affect them negatively leading to increased stress and/or allostatic load. More than 95% of the families and 99% of the staff are African American.

Thank you.